Fall Vacation: Food, Funnel Cake and Lesson Learned

When we vacation with our children we prefer to find a home away from home...meaning not just a hotel room, but a place with a few amenities, like a kitchen. The home away from home allows the kids some space to get comfortable and allows us grown-ups to a routine to help us all feel a bit settled.

Having kitchen access means we are able to bring all of our food and save on the cost of eating out for every meal. Once our children are older and more flexible, I don't know if I could bring myself to eat out for every meal. It is just too expensive, and the food doesn't taste as good as home cooked.

With that being said we brought all our food from home.
Would you like me to list it? Okay, I will...
(And for the record, I thoroughly enjoyed figuring out 
what food to bring and how to make our dollars stretch this way!)

Breakfast Items: 
Bagels and Cream Cheese. 
Breakfast Bars. 
Cereal. Pumpkin Muffins. 
Orange Juice, Coffee.
Picnic/Lunch Items: 
PB & J. Chips. Grapes. Apple Juice.
Snack Items:
Apples and Caramel Dip. Granola Bars.
Raisins. Homemade Chex Mix.
Meat, Cheese and Crackers
Dinner Items:
Pork Ribs. Hamburgers
Veggies and Dip. Brownies, Milk.

Do you think that is a lot of food? Maybe.
My men eat a lot! Besides, we brought home lots of leftovers.

The only extra food we purchased were some drinks while we traveled, 
breakfast on our final morning at this cute place,
(FYI...I ordered eggs for Roone...I should have asked if they were "real" eggs, 
because you know we have standards.
I think they were the liquid kind, which I do not even know the same of,
he ate a good portion and then begged for a cherry pastry.
I couldn't deny him. I probably wouldn't have eaten those eggs myself.)

and a certain $6 funnel cake.
We were out and about and just thought we'd let the kids try a funnel cake.
They've never tasted one before.
Turns out I don't think they want to taste one again.
They each nibbled a little bit, and that was all the funnel cake experience they wanted.
Note to self: Funnel Cake checked off the To Do list.

(When Ella saw this picture she said, and I quote, "Yuck!")