end of july garden~2018

We were away from the garden for eight days in early July, which isn't necessarily a big deal unless the temperatures are regularly in the upper 90's and the days hold no precipitation.

As we enjoyed the wondrous weather of the Northwoods of Wisconsin, we expected to return to a crispy garden.

However, our garden faired wondrously with only a few flowers too dry to revive. Our vegetable planted did fine, and we harvested 40 pounds of produce the evening of our return. The tomoatoes are the current rockstars and we are enjoying them almost daily along with roasting and freezing for later in the year.

 english custard squash

 cypress vine 

second planting of bush beans looking very healthy

 second planting of zinnias~i needed to diversify my colors in the garden boxes

 the hope of potatoes!

 althea (rose of sharon) bloom

look close and you'll see a cardinal 

pennsylvania crookneck squash - one of these can weigh 10 pounds

 crepe myrtle

 ostrich fern


Considering we've been battling Japanese beetles we're very thankful for what we've harvested and that they didn't dessimate our plants. This has been an "off" year for our blackberries, maybe because the beetles did a number on the plants last year? We've been more vigilant, so hopefully health this year means fruit next year. We transplanted the raspberries last fall and didn't expect to harvest any berries while those plants get established and we haven't. With second plantings beans I hope to get more simply to eat fresh and to put in the freezer. 

I do love our blooms and have been consistent this year taking the time to go out in the cool of the morning to gather bouquets for the indoors. Trimmings of ferns, hostas and herbs are also snipped to compliment the zinnia, cosmos and hydrangea blooms. 

August should be another active month harvesting potatoes, tomatoes, herbs and, hopefully, squash and beans from succession plantings.

end of july total:267 pounds, 6 ounces
strawberries~56 pounds
squash~23 pounds (pennsylvania crookneck, yellow scallop. orange custard)
bush beans~5 pounds (golden wax, calima bush)
garlic~2 pounds (inchelium red)
onions~10 pounds (stuttgarter)
roma tomatoes~69 pounds
early girl, better boy & super sonic tomatoes~62 pounds
cherry tomatoes~15 pounds
sweet peppers~1 pound
carrots~6 ounces
pinto gold potatoes~10 pounds
cucumbers~14 pounds (japanese long, dutch yellow)
various herbs, kale, spinach and lettuce