Little Artist

When Ella was around age 3 she became a bit restless with her usual toys and books and I was having a bit of a hard time entertaining her... Roone was about 6 months so I needed to find something to occupy my busy 3 year old as I was taking care of the little baby as well. Ella had taken to coloring and drawing early on so I checked out some craft books from the library. After we started "crafting" I realized, this is it! Ella loves to create.

For her 5th birthday Jesse and I found a simple easel and canvases from Hobby Lobby for Ella to use to paint. (Side Note: I love Hobby Lobby's weekly sales and internet coupons!!!) She loves this! I asked her to make me a flower for Spring, and she chose a sunflower. She even added a flock of cardinals (her favorite bird) in the background. Oh, and can you find the heart in the painting as well?

As Ella began painting the sunflower she made triangles for the petals and she specifically said that was the shape for sunflower petals... One of the amazing things about being around little people is you see how they process things. If you had asked me to look at a sunflower and tell me the shape of the petal, I'd hope I would answer triangle. But if you had asked me to draw a sunflower, I know I wouldn't have used that shape in my drawing. This just shows me that Ella sees things differently from me and I love learning how she sees.

Oh, and don't worry. We're not pressuring Ella to be creating 24/7. Honestly, we are just glad we've found a healthy interest to captivate her attention and are enjoying what she makes!