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the spring garden

{crabapple tree}
{grape hyacinth}
{strawberry patch}
{hawthorn tree} 
 {purple creeping phlox}
{the gardener who taught me everything i know!} 
 {bleeding heart}
{square foot beds full of vegetables}
There's nothing like the beauty of spring and the home garden to inspire a blog post. Now that we are past April and its many snow days we are on to May days with regular rainfall and high temperatures (which the tomatoes are more happy about than this gardener). Ninety degrees and running the a/c frequently is a bit much for May! However, all the plants are happy with rain, sun and warmth so I shouldn't complain too much.
The perennials all seem happy and the vegetable garden has been planted. The past two years we've reached 500 pounds of produce for the year; maybe this year is when we'll top 600! We were overrun with Japanese beetles last year, a first for us. Mid-year I began using Neem oil spray weekly, which helped the plants affected no…

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