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Friday, August 29, 2014

the august garden

320 square feet of the lovely vegetable garden

 the lavender bush is just beginning to bloom.
i've come across recipes for lavender chamomile tea and lavender mint tea,
so the blooms will be harvested and dried for tea this year

a former potato box that has been harvested
and now is the catch all for old vine (these are squash) that will be composted later 

 cherry and grape tomato bushes
i've let them grow and run wild this year and they seems happy about it

 the new baseket gourd plants are still growing,
although the brown leaves and vines indicate we'll harvest them soon
and the months of drying will begin

 i need to harvest and freeze these lovely greens 
as we won't be able to eat it all before they turn bitter.

the amazing blackberry canes.
we snacked on what they produced this year,
but their health suggests and even more abundant supply next Summer.

We are still harvesting tomatoes, herbs, green beans, sweet peppers, an assortment of greens and squash. However, the yellows and browns that now touch the leaves are an indication the garden is beginning its descent for this year. 

Monday, August 25, 2014


(fyi...the butterfly was released just after the photo shoot!)

Friday, August 22, 2014

the state fair and the zoo

Below are a few pics of our days at the Kansas City Zoo
and the Missouri State Fair.

Last week was so cool, in the 80's, that a morning at the zoo
was the perfect time to see the animals in action.
Even the tortoises were on the move!
Since we have the reputation for making it to the zoo when it is 
either raining or sweltering hot,
I'm tried to turn that experience around for us.
It was a pleasant morning,
and we left before the crowds arrived.

We had never been to the Missouri State Fair,
but it had always been on our To Do list.

It was a fine morning, last Saturday, spent in Sedalia seeing the animals,
drinking lots of Root Beer,
and eating a corn dog for lunch (not a lot of non-greasy options there!).

However, I think once at the fair is enough for us.
I chuck it up to not being a farmer and/or living in the country.
It just wasn't our thing. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the fair.
There was plenty to do, see, eat, experience, purchase,
I guess I'm more of a city girl than I realize.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

in the kitchen, from the garden

I've never joined a Blog Hop, but decided today was the day to do so!
Heather at Beauty That Moves writes about gardening, whole foods and homeschooling,
and I enjoy so much reading and learning from her.
So I've joined in with her today to display what's been cooking in my kitchen.

Do click on her blog to see the beauty that she shares.

Squash sauteeing in olive oil

Roma Tomatoes and Russet Potatoes

The last of the Finn potatoes sauteeing with onions

Veggies being prepped for stirfry: lima beans, squash, green beans, peppers, onions, carrots

Fried Chicken Salad...a family favorite

All the food pictured was grown in our garden with the exception of the chicken, cheese and onions!

Monday, August 18, 2014

resident archer

I've always loved that my married name is Bowman
and the symbolism that provides of an archer.

My husband and I have talked for some time about enrolling Ella
in an archery class,
and when one became available earlier this month
we signed her up!

It was a two hour course, the first hour specifically on the eleven steps
of shooting a bow and arrow and the next hour practicing.
It turned out to be a small class, so Ella had plenty of time to practice.

She thoroughly enjoyed this experience,
so now we are researching which bow 
is the best investment.

Ella is strong and athletic, but doesn't gravitate toward traditional organized sports,
so finding outlets like this is wonderful for her.