Animal Adventure

I received a text from Jess this morning: a wolf and ocelot are here on campus (meaning Sprint). I quickly press '2' on my phone (speed dial for hubby) and press talk. "When can we come out." "Come now!" he says. (Let it be known I really don't run a sprint and dash out of the house kind of home (I try to keep the stress low, low, low), but that is exactly what we did! We had just returned from an errand and were all ready to go anyway!)

Today is Earth Day and Sprint usually celebrates with "green" vendors as well as bringing in animals. If you know my Ella, you know she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES animals. She is our resident zoologist. If I had the money, we would already have been to Africa on a safari, Costa Rica to the rain forest and the ocean for deep sea diving, but then that would take away the (patient) fun away of having it provided by the One who wants to give it!

Anyway, God gave Ella today a sneak peak at a grey wolf, serval (not an ocelot!), a falcon and an owl. God gave Roone Jesse some fun sitting in "green" cars. And God gave me a moment in the middle of the day to see my husband. Blessings all around. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy as well.

AND I discovered an animal sanctuary nearby in Louisburg, KS where we can take the kids to see lots of wild cats. I had recently read about a tiger sanctuary in northern Arkansas and put it in the back of my mind for a future road trip. How wonderful there is a sanctuary close to us!


Abby said…
We drove by the animal cat place the other day. On our way to the cider mill (I got lost). I picked up a thing about it but have since misplaced it (big shock).

Love Earth Day. You how us hippies are. (-; Already got a good stash of newborn cloth ready to go!