Baker and Builder

Strawberries are in season and our little Baker requested a Strawberry pie a couple of weeks ago. I've never made a strawberry pie. I think the glaze factor always detoured me. Anyway, I was determined to fulfill the request and happily Googled strawberry pie. I often use Google when a kitchen need arises. :-) And I usually click on one of the first recipes provided. Very scientific, don't you think? I'm looking for quick, easy and good, people. I found a very simple recipe: strawberries, and to make the (once I thought intimidating) glaze: corn starch, sugar, water and crushed strawberries. Easy. Put it in a prepared crust (do I dare mention I used a Jiffy crust? Yes, I'll share that proudly. Remember...quick and easy) and chill. The result was marvelous and the entire family enjoyed...even Roone who doesn't take to eating strawberries on their own (too tart). It must have been the (intimidating) glaze! Strawberries are on sale again this week. I wonder what I can concoct next. I'll have to ask the resident Baker.

My little guy loves Legos. And since he is almost 3 his little imagination is really beginning to work. He loves to build on his own now and brought in an airplane to me today. Seriously, it is complete with wings and tail! (In the picture you are receiving a side view.) Creativity bound in a 2 year old...I wonder what he'll do next?
(On a side note Roone is looking a lot older to me and I'm seeing a lot of Jesse in him!)


Abby said…
Martha Stewart has a great Strawberries and Cream cheesecake recipe. It takes a little while to put together though. But it is yummy!

Or you could make her mini cheesecakes and just make a strawberry topping to put on them. The mini ones are easy. As easy as making cupcakes. From a box.