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About once every year I pick up Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot. This book is comprised of letters and journal entries from Jim Elliot, Elisabeth's husband, who was killed along with 4 friends by the Auca tribe. The Aucas were a savage people, quick to kill and knowing nothing of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

I first read this book on a vacation in 2005 when Jess, Ella and I spent a few days at Bennet Spring State Park. While Ella napped and Jesse fished I read. I quickly finished the book on that vacation, and seem to gravitate toward it once a year to refresh my memory. Not a difficult read and the story of Jim's life is quite compelling and encouraging. He had an unquenchable thirst to know God, be like Christ and to live out his life's purpose.

In short I recommend this book! I'm quite taken with Elisabeth Elliot's other writings and I'm sure I'll comment on them at some point as well.

I'll leave you with a quote from the book, from one of Jim's journal entries.
I walked out to the hill just now. It is exalting, delicious, to stand embraced by the shadows of a friendly tree with the wind tugging at your coattail and the heavens hailing your heart, to gaze and glory and give oneself again to God – what more could a man ask? Oh, the fullness, pleasure, sheer excitement of knowing God on earth! I care not if I never raise my voice again for Him, if only I may love Him, please Him. Mayhap in mercy He shall give me a host of children that I may lead them through the vast star fields to explore His delicacies whose finger ends set them to burning. But if not, if only I may see Him, touch His garments, and smile into His eyes – ah then, not stars, or children shall matter, only Himself.


Abby said…
Have you read The End of the Spear by Steve Saint? It is really good....

I am usually not a fan of biography type books, but I read through that one rather quickly.
Rachel said…
I haven't read that...if you have a copy may I borrow it?

I did see The End of the Spear documentary which includes testimonies from the wives of the men who were killed. Terribly moving...
Abby said…
I do have a copy. Emily got me one when Steve Saint came and spoke at KCBT. She of course had to get it signed....(-:

It is a wonderful book. Like I said, I do not typically enjoy such writing, but I literally could not put this one down.

I will try to remember to bring it next week.