Easter Sunday

I decided at the last minute for Ella and I to dye some eggs... I Googled (of course) homemade dyes and, not being in the mood to buy anything, I used coffee and cinnamon tea dyes. What do you think? Roone calls them bird's eggs and tells me not to touch them. :-) I guess it doesn't matter if this is always last minute!

Here we are cleaned up for Sunday worship services.

Our little Easter bunnies:

Ella reaching for some goodies:

And Roone watching the rain:


Susanna said…
I think the eggs turned out super! I feel bad that O didn't do an egg hunt. We never did it as kids so I always forget about all these kid-friendly traditions! Cute family picture, btw.
Anonymous said…
That's how we used to dye eggs too. I love the way organic matter produces such earthy colors. Red cabbage makes a great dye too.