Tea Time

A month or so ago Ella had a sore throat and after a few days I finally had the idea to have her try some warm tea. I fixed her some cinnamon tea complete with sugar and a touch of cream. She loved it and her throat seemed to as well. I thought, oh, I have found a tea friend, but I didn't start a tradition or anything and didn't even think of giving her another cup of tea until...

Today the kids and I were scurrying like busy bees doing a grocery run to our new Hy-Vee. Roone loved it because of the open space to run (as long as he knows Mama's eyes are on him). Ella did not like it because of the smell of raw fish. She has said she is not returning to the new Hy-Vee. Back at the homestead a snack was needed to resupply the energy we had expended. We snack a lot. Do you? Anyway, the snack was consumed and all of a sudden my tea friend said, May I have some tea? I said, well, of course you may!!! (Do you hear my enthusiasm?) All of a sudden I had a 2nd tea friend. Roone said, Me too. Tea please. You must understand Roone is involved in EVERYTHING Ella is. I thought, okay. We'll see how this goes down.

Well, I think a cup of anything with a bit of cream and sugar is pleasing to the palate so my children drank their cups of tea and asked for another. Yes, another. First cup, Cinnamon. Second cup, Chai.

Now you're wondering where the picture is, aren't you?! No, I did not run and get the camera this time... I simply enjoyed the moment watching the cute tea drinkers. To give you a mental picture, though, they were sitting at the table sipping from straws out of plastic mugs. :-)

Next time you drop by, ask for a cup of tea and we'll have tea time with you!

I've heard from a friend there is a fabulous store at Oak Park Mall called Tea Vanna (sp?) with quite the assortment of teas. One day I'll make that trek with my tea friends!