Discovery: Amy Carmichael

My dear Granny Ruby recently moved to a retirement home. Going from a three bedroom home to a one bedroom apartment she decided to pass along her belongings to family. I've always loved Granny's book collection and borrowed books from time to time. In recent years she has even gifted to me a few books (mostly by Ruth Bell Graham - did you know she was a poet?) that I seemed to be borrowing over and over.

Well, here came my chance to add to my own book collection! Approximately 50 books came home with me (including cookbooks and a recipe collection). Do you think I'll be getting any housework done for a while?

I was first drawn to some books by Catherine Marshall, the author of Christy, Christy is a story based on the life of the mother's author living in the Appalachian mountains. I loved Christy (couldn't put it down!) and so skimmed thru these new books.

Then I picked up Amy Charmichael (a long one) by Elisabeth Elliot and If (a short one) by Amy Charmichael. I've had a general knowledge of Amy and her work in India, but was not aware of the details of her journey, and quite a journey it was. I was enraptured by Amy's life and her commitment to the will of God even when it turned her life down paths she did not expect, yet she obeyed. I'll have to reread the book sooner than later. I know I skimmed parts just to get to the end of the story. Do you ever do that? :-)

If is a slender little book on the love of Christ. The first "if, then" statement is:

If I have not compassion on my
Even as my Lord had pity on me
then I know nothing of Calvary love.

Do you see where we are going? There are 60 of these "if, then" statements - and not for the fainthearted I might add. A wonderful little book that I have already picked up time and time again.

I'd say I'm off to read, but it might be Dr. Seuss or Narnia. It's mid-afternoon on a Friday and the natives are restless.