Flower Power and Veggie Tales

It's that time of year! Last weekend we scattered an abundant amount of wildflower seed around the yard. Here is our list for this year:
Texas Bluebonnet
Black-eyed Susan
Sweet Pea
Bachelor Button
I'm one of those people that will stop and wait to watch the pot of water boil...I know, not smart! I'm the same way with these seeds. Every day I'd go out in the yard and stoop over where we scattered the seeds, squinting just to convince myself that all our effort had not been in vain. Well, there are little shoots that came up late in the week. Yay! We'll see what stays and paints our yard pretty colors this year.

On a side note, during the cold, lonely Winter months I dutifully browsed thru magazines and books to get ideas and information on gardening. I came across a short, little border fence made out of tree branches. I thought it too cute and made one in front of our lilies. Turns out, my mother-in-law informed me, that this is called a Wattle Fence. I think our wattle fence is a simplified version because from what I've read a true wattle fence weaves horizontal branches thru vertical ones. In any case since Jess has been cutting down tree branches I'm going to use what I can for wattle fences!!!

Just yesterday we were able to get our tomatoes, green peppers, green beans and tigger melons into the ground. The tigger melon is a small, orange striped melon that Jesse really wants to grow. It is a seed he found thru the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed company we like to use. We still need to get our basil and gourds in the ground. We will soon! Our lettuce and onions are growing nicely. We skipped growing lettuce last year so it will be nice to have that fresh, leafy vegetable around again.

As a bit of a plug, I'll mention that we use Bannister Lawn and Garden in South KC (at the intersection of Bannister Road and Raytown Road) for our plants. We love this cozy nursery owned by a very nice couple, always willing to answer questions. I can't think of a plant from this nursery that hasn't performed wonderfully for us.


Abby said…
Aye.....all this gardening, planting, outdoors stuff is making me itchy. LOL.

I wish I could have a garden. I am not brained that way. Fresh veggies and herbs would be lovely and fit right into my hippie ways. I, however, do not have that gene. Instead I will sign up for our CSA and hit the Farmer's Market.
Rachel said…
I know! It used to make me itchy too. :-) I would not be this way but for Jesse. And just think all that you are interested in because of Mark and his Latino culture!

It's fine if you don't garden, but you must commit to getting fresh air if you are going to use the word "hippie" in reference to yourself!!! Keep me posted on your CSA foods!
Abby said…
We walked to the post office today. Does that count?

And we are going to try and hit the farmers market in the City Market. As well as the CSA....if I ever get up to Hen House to sign us up.

(And yes I posted this as just before midnight....pregnancy induced insomnia???? God's way of preparing me for functioning on little sleep soon enough....)