Here is a stream of photos of some recent happenings in our neck of the woods.

Hangin' with the French Family: Roone, Lily Claire and Ella

Easter Weekend visit with My Parents

A Ladies Lunch with 2 Dear Friends: Em and Jen
The food, atmosphere and company were perfect!

I was able to visit with some friends from Ohio, Mel and Peter. This is me with their baby named Rachel (!), she's not my namesake, but still! I was able to show off our local coffee house, Benetti's too.

My Little Bunny chewing on some Clover (we don't use chemicals in the backyard...don't worry!)

My Little Builder making something really tall!

A visit to Aunt Reba's house. Isn't her dog Sumatra cute? And she has a new fence (in the background) framing her front yard that makes her home look so quaint.

That's all for the moment!


Susanna said…
Awww, a picture of little Rachel! And I didn't know Raytown had a coffee shop to boast of!:) Mel said she had a great time with you albeit short...