T-Ball Darling

Well, last week was Ella's first T-Ball game! So your first question is, "Did her team win?" Well, score is not kept for T-Ball. I think that is just wonderful myself! Next question, "Did Ella hit the ball?" Yes! Both times Ella was at bat she hit the ball, made it safely to first base AND scored a run (although we're not counting it) each time! Next question, "Did the parents capture these first moments on camera?" Do I dare say, no we did not?! Between me assistant coaching the Sunflower team and Jesse keeping a careful eye on Roone so he does not join the Ella on the field I don't even think we had a conversation about bringing a camera to the game. I know! I know! BUT blessings for us Grandpa Charlie was clicking away so we have first moments captured on film to inspire future T-Ball generations and to share with you, Dear Readers!

Batter Up!

She Hits!

She Scores!

Roone Biding His Time 'til He Gets to Play T-Ball!

You have one final question, don't you? "Where is the cute picture of Ella and Teagan together?!?!" I'll have it by my next T-Ball post.


Susanna said…
Awww, whatta gal!