Happily Interrupted

The year was 1997. I was a young, college student and actually still a teenager just months shy of my 20th birthday. I was living life, enjoying it. Working hard, studying probably not hard enough, having a great time with my friends. A year and a half earlier as I began college I also began to learn how to study the Bible and hear God speak to me thru His Word. I was learning just what His Word said and how to use it in my life. Truly a remarkable gift. At the same time God was working on a young man. This young man was also in college and learning how to study the Bible himself. We were both learning how to let God guide us in our decisions. Our desire was to honor him with our lives...even though we really didn't know all that that meant or would mean for us. The seasons were beginning to transition from Winter to Spring and this young man began to talk to me...to be my friend...we began to date. As a young girl I thought it quite a remarkable thing to actually find someone that I'd want to spend my entire life with. The words "entire" and "lifetime" just seemed really long to me, I guess. Around the time this young man came into my life I was in a transition with my friends. Many of them were getting married and I was feeling a bit, well, alone I guess. I started praying for a best friend. I was sincere. God did more than that. When I look back all these years later I realize that when I met Jesse I felt, what I've heard some people say, at home. When I first met him I will not say that I "fell in love" or "knew that he was the one." In fact, it took me a while to realize that I wasn't sure I could live without him. All I know is that God truly brought him to me and me to him. A few months into our relationship Jesse shared this scripture with me:
"For other foundation can no man lay, than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ."
It is our mantra.
It is truth.
It is our saving grace.
For 10 years we have been Mr. and Mrs.

(At the top of the Liberty Memorial - June 2009)


Abby said…
Wahoo for 10 years! Congratulations!