Hollyhock Wonder

My mother-in-law, Sharen, gave us some HOLLYHOCK seeds a couple of years ago. We planted them, I think in 2007, but nothing came of them. (Frown!) Then in 2008 a little mound of leaves sprouted, but that is all that they did...sprout, be a mound and do nothing but look green and something like a pumpkin vine.

Then this year, the mound that stayed around thru the Fall and Winter, decided to grow more and more and more. We weren't even sure it was a HOLLYHOCK since sunflowers grew near the same location last year, yet we were hopeful. Low and behold 3 beautiful HOLLYHOCK plants adorn our garden this year. These are 10 foot, hot pink plants that make our backyard look that much more like we are transported to the country. I'll be saving seed pods for next year's planting, and in the meantime we'll enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the beauty from our Creator.