Honoring Jesse

Yesterday was Father's Day. I had fun with the kids on Saturday creating some gifts to honor Jesse and his role as Daddy. Here is what we did:

Jesse loves sugar cookies, so we made a sugar cookie picture. It's 3 fish (Jess, El and Roone) swimming, complete with plants and a charming border.
We also made stepping stones that say WE LOVE DAD (can you tell?):
This is my first turn at creating stepping stones. I even bought the concrete myself at Lowe's with Ella. Did you know a bag of concrete is heavy? Plus as we were leaving the store it was raining. I know enough to know that a bag of concrete being rained on will make the bag heavier. Let's just say I pushed that cart really fast. Next round Jess will be helping us.

Truly, Jesse is a diligent, loving, even keeled daddy to our little ones - a true blessing.