Photo Essay

We officially have a full bed of lettuce, and enjoying many a salad with cranberries, apples, walnuts and raspberry dressing. Simple and super yummy!

Walking with Kate and Mr. Jeremy up to another T-Ball game. It's been awesome to see this game thru the eyes of children. Seems THEY know it is just a GAME!

Now I'm one who really does try to stay away from labels...they're so confining. But this is what happened when I unloaded the play dough on the table and let the muchkins go to work without direction.
Builder: Roone makes something oh-so high and oh-so proud of it!

Baker: Ella makes some tarts

This is what greets us at our front stoop - a beautiful blue hydrangea plant given to me as a birthday gift.

Our 2 day a week T-Ball commitment has left little time for outdoor nature adventures the past 2 months. It seems I was in withdrawal last Friday and so the kids and I quickly tossed a picnic together and set off down I-70 to one of our favorite places: Burr Oaks Nature Center. We enjoyed the nature center seeing creatures up close (the turtles had Roone in awe) and then went on a little hike that turned into a longer hike at Ella's urging. I only consented after telling the children they would have to walk the entire way (ie, Mama is not picking you up!). Before you think I'm mean I WAS carrying lunch and water. I must have been in a brave, relaxed mood since we took a turn off the main trail to another trail and really had no idea where we were. I had a good idea, though, that if we eventually turned left (don't ask me if that was N, S, E or W - just LEFT!) we'd hit the nature center again. I was close, we finally hit the parking lot. Since I was SO brave and relaxed I'll chuck it up our time in nature doing what it was supposed to do. Oh, and for the record, Ella said didn't have a good time (totally not true!) because we didn't see a wolf or a fox... I'd really like to see her reaction if we did!!!
This turtle gave us quite a show. He tried climbing the wall and then toppled onto his shell and then toppled some more. Usually the creatures in the tanks are sleeping...

Ella taking a picture of Roone

Roone taking a picture of Ella

Recipe for Big Smiles: Big Boy cheeseburgers, ice cream and swivel chairs
If you don't know Big Boy is a little hamburger stop at 40 Highway and Chrysler just off I-70. The big deal to us? It's fast food, but the hamburgers taste like hamburgers.

I almost forgot this one, but had to share since it made such a pretty picture. I made a cake for my birthday...vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream icing (really easy recipe!). There was a lot of lip smackin' going on over here! Yummy!