As promised here are some photos of flowers blooming in the Bo Fam's yard.

We made a new bed by the barn this year and planted Black-eyed Susans. These are perennials, so each year the bed will get more full of this beautiful wildflower. The teepee in the middle has a beautiful Cypress Vine growing on it. The seeds are from Jesse's Grandma Jane. It should have it's red flowers soon! Next year I'll move the teepee...those Susans will be taking over that area no doubt. (Notice the wattle fence border. It think it's just so cute!)

Here is more Cypress Vine growing up the base of a birdbath we use as a planter. The beautiful yellow blooms in the birdbath are from a plant called Purslane. The blooms love full sun, opening during the day and closing at night. Purslane is similar to Rose Moss if you're familiar with that plant.

Two Summers ago we planted our first bed of Zinnias. I first fell for this flower seeing it in my mother-in-law's yard, and she is the one who gave me seeds to start my own bed. This is an annual flower, but I don't mind scattering the seeds each Spring to enjoy this view each Summer! These flowers are great for cutting too.

Beautiful Cosmos. This is a new plant, for us, this year. So far the blooms have been pink and creamy white. This plant appears delicate but stands up rather well to strong winds and Arwen (our Lab) trampling!