The Face of 3

Let's see, from May up to today we have had 14 occasions for celebrations. Yes. 14. This weekend alone, 3. And the weekend is not over. However, I think the celebrations are!

Last night we celebrated the 3rd birthday of my son, Roone. The evening was full of water fights, blue cake and chips, each of which you can see (if you look hard enough) on his cute little face in this picture.

This is my favorite action shot of the night. The kids (and Jess) are watching some motorcycles race across the patio. Clockwise we have Barak, Teagan, Ella, Roone and Jesse. What's fun is that without planning (how wonderful that sometimes you don't have to plan everything) I caught a picture of the kids with their 2 cousins.

Now, onto making amazing memories during Roone's 4th year of life with us.