Garden Splendor

I can't get over the beauty of our garden, and must share some photos with you, Dear Reader.

On the right side is our green bean and cucumber trellis, underneath is our lettuce and onion bed. In the middle is a bed mostly of phlox, a flower, but we have chives and sage in there as well. On the left is our tomato bed. We scrunched 16 plants in there. :-)

On the right is a tipi with green beans and gourds. The phlox bed is in the middle and then on the left is a box with tigger melons (growing upright) and then green peppers and basil which you can't see.

I'll share our flower gardens in another post.

We garden using the Square Foot gardening method by Mel Bartholemew. Check out for more information. What results are these wonderful small, beautiful beds where you use every last inch of space to produce the most of your choice of plants. We also train vine plants to go up instead of out which produces quite a view.

For perspective, here is a photo, 5 years ago, when we were just beginning this gardening journey.
When looking for a home Jess said one priority was having a large yard with plenty of sunshine. We passed up some pretty cute homes because this priority was not met. I will say that this priority was his, not mine. Jess is not one to make a big deal out of little things, meaning his preference for dinner or watching a movie. However, he did not budge from the large yard issue and so I knew it was something very important to him. Turns out it is something very nourishing for me and our children. It is quite the lesson in diligence and I'm glad it turned out to be one of our home searching priorities.