Gifts from the Garden

This was our salad for dinner: tomatoes, green peppers and cucumbers from our garden. I have been lamenting that my first round of lettuce was done and hoping other veggies would produce to provide salad staples until my second round of lettuce grows. Today the first green pepper was picked and added to the first tomato. We've been enjoying cucumbers for a while. This is our first year to grow peppers and are so pleased with the taste!

Here is Ella eating a tomato straight from the vine. We really have to watch her; she will seriously eat anything green outside. One day we found her eating leaves from different flowers! We told her to stop. I realize that some flowers are edible, but I haven't done my research so we are giving her edible boundaries for the yard.

Recently Ella asked if we could move to a farm. I've grown into a gardener's wife, but I really don't forsee farmer's wife added to my resume. Jesse would drop anything to be a farmer, but we really don't have the training and more than that God isn't guiding us that direction. So we gently told her that wasn't in the forseeable future. She looked sad, but we'll keep nurturing that outdoor/animal lovin' spirit God gave her the best we can!


Abby said…
Move to a farm?!?!?! I am itchy just thinking about it.

However, the kids do have a swing set now. Set up right outside my back door. They are enjoying it. And I am enjoying sending them out to play while I stay inside!