PD Eastman

One of my favorite authors to read to the children is PD Eastman. Some of his books are:

Flap Your Wings
The Best Nest
Are You My Mother?
Go Dog Go (probably our favorite)

I caught the kids in a quiet moment this morning as Ella read Flap Your Wings to Roone. For the record this is not how events run all day long. As I type you this entry Roone is jumping on the bed behind me - jumping with Roone gusto - as Ella forces a quiet moment to read a book at the foot of the bed.


Anonymous said…
We just happened to have Are You My Mother? in our library when the kids were small. Perhaps it was a book of my own childhood. I don't remember, but we sure loved to read it over and over. I even had a special "little bird" voice which the kids loved.
Ah, sweet memories.