What are the Odds?

Jonathan Chambers. Jesse Bowman. Daniel Chambers.

July 6th...mean anything to you? Probably not. It's the 4th that, of course, is known and celebrated. In our home July 6th was the day we celebrated 2 birthdays. Both of my brothers, Jonathan and Daniel, were born on July 6th, 5 years a part. What are the odds? Usually we had 2 cakes and always celebrated 2 births on the 6th. Then came along my Jesse. Do you know what day he was born? You guessed it, smart one, July 6th! Besides that he is a bicentennial baby born in 1976. 7.6.76...isn't that cool? So this weekend we celebrated 3 men, born on the same day in the span of 5 years. Here are some pics.

Cousin Barak, Ella and Roone hangin'

We do not shy away from baked goods
Jonathan's Blackberry Pie and Reba's Peach Cake
both made from scratch.
A few rounds of Hillbilly Golf were played

Roone, aka. Keeper of the Lightning Bug Jar


Susanna said…
We call Hillbilly Golf "Goofy Golf" around the Britton household!:)