Jesse's defines growing a plant for the first time as an experiment. This is a wonderful perspective because it safe guards us (me) from being too disappointed if the plant doesn't turn out exactly as we (I) hoped. Well 2 of our official 2009 experiments are turning out quite nicely.

We ate our first Tigger Melon last evening. I was told by my gardener hubby that it should taste like a cross between honeydew and cantaloupe melons. 'Tis true. Yummy!

Jess and I love the taste of the Tigger. Ella is pleased as well. This is great because for some reasons cantaloupe is not a favorite fruit for her. Roone said, "I not like it."

By the way, the Tigger Melon is from Armenia. I asked Jess if we were contributing to invasive, non-native plants by growing this. (I ask A LOT of questions...) He said since we grew it from seed (and didn't bring over the plant ourselves) that we're in the clear. It's an heirloom seed from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. In case you were wondering...

Check this out! An apple gourd is growing quite nicely in the midst of our teepee. She is tucked nicely out of view. She must know to survive she needs to stay out of the reaches of our lovable Lab, Arwen.

We are growing green beans along with gourds on this teepee...it's quite a game to try to find green beans in the midst of all this greenery. I LOVE IT!