Fare Thee Well, Oh Nap Time

Transitions, transitions.

Time has come for my son to stop napping. Technically, he is still capable of taking a nap. The problem comes at night time when he isn't able to fall asleep until 9pm. That's just too late in our book.

I will not get nostalgic and think on the wonderful nap times beginning when Ella was a baby and I would sleep with her laying on my chest. And then how wonderful when she slept in her own crib and I sat to read or catch up on housecleaning. I will not think on the fact that no nap time for Roone means no more nap time for me. Yes, people, I unashamedly caught a snooze now and then when the little guy did. I am not nostalgic.

But seriously with the little guy up all day along with his sister I have to get creative on how to keep them busy. Today we painted.

Cute Bird Shirt made with Potato Stamping (Ella is ready to wear!)

Thomas, Percy and James trains simply made from paper plates (thrilled Roone!)

Ella is somehow "one" with crafts, but I haven't done as much with Roone as yet. It's fun to get him involved in these projects as well. We had a lot of fun today, now I need to figure out what to do tomorrow...


Susanna said…
Ella's shirt is so cute! You are so creative! I'm dreading the drop of a nap. Augh. What ever would I do! Can you still suggest quiet room time? They can play quietly or read books...separately, of course! Just a thought!