This is a wonderful time of year, isn't it? Autumn is just around the corner...September 22nd to be exact. Have you marked your calendar? James Taylor is currently my soundtrack, cool air flows through our home and my cinnamon tea was on sale this week. Aaaah...the transition to Fall. (Please do try cinnamon tea, with a bit of cream and sugar, if you haven't already.)

Below are a few tidbits of what we've been up to the past couple of weeks. School has started. We are busy and enjoying a new rhythm to our days.

Ella's 1st Day of School
Ella loves learning and is enjoying a new structure to our time together hittin' the books.
A visit to see Great Granny Ruby in her new retirement home. We took her these roses from our garden and Roone decorated the jar (which you can't really see) with puppy stickers. Her couch endured much somersaulting by energetic little ones, but Granny only smiled and enjoyed the activity. She's so gracious!

A silk worm nest viewed on a walk at Longview Lake. I had never taken the time to stop and actually look at one of these...interesting...!

Some final blooms from Summer. Cypress Vine. This plant is from seeds given to us from Jesse's Grandma Jane. This vine, growing up a shepherd's hook, greets us by the garage when we pull up to the house.

This vine greets me as I wander (work?) in the vegetable garden. It grows up a birdbath which holds another plant, Purslane.

This vine, growing up a teepee we made from tree limbs is the one I see the most often. Hummingbirds are attracted to Cypress Vine so it's been fun to enjoy the birds late in the Summer.

Oh, and we're remodeling our bathroom. Yes....I know. When we bought our home we always knew we'd need to "take care" of the bathroom sooner than later. Jesse knew it would also mean redoing the plumbing. One final leak about a month ago "encouraged" us to move forward. I'd say she is 75% done. Don't worry...all necessary resources for survival are usable to us! When she is looking all dolled up and at her new best I'll post a photo. (Oh, and do let me mention Jesse redid the plumbing himself except for one pipe...one! Some creativity is born out of inspiration and some is born out of inspired necessity!)
Until next time...and it might be a few days. My minutes are precious these days, it seems!


Anonymous said…
Mmmm, I just had my first cinnamon tea of the season last week. Love it!
Can't wait to see the remodeled bathroom.
Abby said…
My calendar is marked for the first day of fall.....in big red letters.

And oh my.....Mark would say, "Who do I write the check out to?" No way.....can't wait to see the finished product!
Susanna said…
You Bowmans are so resourceful!