Watkins Mill State Park

This past weekend found the Bowman Fam on our 1st camping trip. Yahoo! We had an amazing time - God provided safety and beautiful weather. It began sprinkling as we pulled away from our campsite.

We pitched the tent.

We hiked

and stopped for a photo.

We saw spiders.

We were greeted at our campsite after our hike by this Doe and her Fawn. They stood there for a long time letting us gawk at them! The kids were very quiet.

Roone saw a tree frog on our tent.

Ella discovered a toad and she coaxed it out of a tree hole.

We had a campfire, roasted marshmallows and made peach cobbler. The hooting of Barred owls was our bedtime lullaby. This morning Jesse made eggs and bacon over the fire for breakfast - yummy!

I only thought of the Blair Witch movie (which I've never seen...I just remember the preview set at night, in the forest with someone scared...) once when it was bedtime and I immediately wiped away those thoughts.

We will camp again (but it's getting colder, so we'll wait 'til next spring).

This was a great way to usher in Autumn...the first day is tomorrow, you know!