What I've Been Up To

Well, for one thing, it's Autumn and that means pumpkin bread baking ensues. The recipe I use is called Downeast Maine Pumpkin Bread and you can find it many places, but here is a link for you.

I discovered a new recipe on my friend Susy's blog. Chicken Curry. I have made it twice in September and it is wonderful! I used more spices than Jesse uses in his bbq'ing. I just might become a spice girl in the kitchen yet. Heretofore I use spices in baking and that's that. Growing. In the kitchen. With spices.

Also, I made the leap to attend my first art class. Seriously. At thirtysomething I took the plunge and tried something new. Last Saturday I attended an Art Journaling class. My teacher, Amanda, supplied all materials and expertise, I just had to show up appropriately dressed and with my personal mission statement. I don't really have a mission statement, but I do have Scripture memorized that I meditate on each day whether I sit down and open my precious Bible or not. You can see photos of the class here as well as find out the cool adventure Amanda is going on and how the classes are supplying her with the necessary funds.

Here is my cover, which is my favorite part so far. I first spray painted the cover green. Then using stencils formed the word "GRACE" and spray painted them brown. I was so glad it turned out.

Then once I got home I filled in one of my favorite verses on my first page:

Also, Amanda, knowing how much my daughter likes to create, generously gave me some pages and a book cover for Ella to create a journal herself. This is her first page:

I asked, so I presume you must be asking as well, "What is this, Ella?" This is a Brazilian yellow frog eating a butterfly. The frog is next to a nature path and lake with lily pads. Also there is a wild strawberry bush. Creative. Imaginative. I learn from Ella. I think she knows this.


Anonymous said…
Look at all the beautiful words on your page! Love it.
And you'll have to tell Ella I recognized the lake immediately. The Brazilian yellow frog is delightful.