The Fall season is a warm blanket, don't you think? It's the special time between the heat of Summer and cold of Winter where everything seems so cozy. Like a blanket. At least to me. One cozy place I love the entire year round is my local library. My children love books as much as I do and with the onset of cooler weather and less welcoming weather, at times, the library is supplying us with many adventures to be had in spirit and imagination. I think I counted going to the library 3 times last week!

One evening I was at the library by myself and began browsing in the fiction section. I don't often get to browse at the library, like at a bookstore. Usually I arrive with purpose, take care of business and skidaddle. Well on that particular evening I had been instructed (urged, implored) to take my time and so I did. It is wonderful what you discover by browsing. I happened upon some books by Jan Karon. Are you familiar with the name, or are you also making a discovery as you read this post? Jan Karon began in the late 90's to write a series of books call The Mitford Series. The setting is a small town called Mitford, North Carolina and the central character is Father Tim who presides over an Episcopal parish. That description might sound simple and maybe even boring, but Karon's writings take the time to describe daily life, the community, the people, the surroundings in such wonderful detail and familiarity that I cannot put the books down. Addicted? Guilty!

For a long time I've been drawn to biographies or Christian living books, which are wonderful, however, it is nice to have a little Fiction to spice up the mix. I'm not sure the nine books will last me thru the Winter, maybe just thru its beginning, but they are providing a sweet little moment for me at the end of the day with a cup of tea to savor this wonderful blanket of Fall!


Susanna said…
I think I read the first Mitford book. I just wish I had more time to read!:( I have 2 books from the library that I have yet to touch. Where do you sneak in reading time b/w meals and cleaning house?
Rachel said…
Once everyone is in bed then I read, read, read!