I Never Thought...

we'd cut down a Christmas tree from our own backyard.

The previous owners of our home had added quite a few plants and herbs during their time here, including a Blue Spruce. It was very small at the time we purchased our home, probably standing just under 2 feet. The spruce was first in the front yard, but didn't fit there so we moved her to the backyard. I never thought she "fit" with what we're trying to do with our yard. Does that seem funny to say? It's just that these trees can get quite big and we don't really need a big tree in our yard. In fact we're slowly cutting down the old trees (many hollow inside!) in our yard to give our garden more sunlight.

Well, anyway, now at just over 3 feet tall I envisioned what a wonderful Christmas tree the Blue Spruce would make for us. And she does. My husband and children found some pine cones on a walk recently. They adorn our tree perfectly. It all seems so natural! (And my husband was glad he only needed to string one set of lights...you know if one string goes bad you  have to take down all the lights, etc. In fact, he decorated the tree, a la gloves, because those needles are quite sharp.) Isn't she pretty?