Christmas Crafts

Cold + Snow = CRAFTS

After a number of years as Mother to Crafty Daughter, I am on my game for this Winter Season. My little boy is getting into the Spirit of Art as well so we are quite the crew when it comes to craft time.

I love using canvases to let the children explore painting. Of course, canvases cost more than regular paper, but I wait until they are on sale at my local craft store and use them for Special Seasonal Projects. I am still growing as a Mother to a Crafty Daughter so right now we simply use the canvases and poster paint.

The point of it all is for the children to have fun with art and make a creation that I will adore (I will adore it no matter what is created, you know!).

Roone created Snowflakes.

I helped him paint the blue background, but he make his snowflakes by himself. Quietly, to myself I call it A Snowstorm, and I love it. This is his first time creating his own canvas.

Ella created a Christmas Tree.

She first made the tree and was going to put a white star at the top. I really try not to interfere with the creative process, but did interject and mention she could use the white paint to make snow on the tree. And look what she did! I love how the snow rests on the tree. She also painted pink roots for the tree.

I love how Roone's picture is a mass of white. I love how Ella's tree is off center. For this Learning How Not To Be A Perfectionst Perfectionist Mama it is refreshing to see things that look Real and not manufactured. 

Next Craft: Graham Cracker Houses. Will share photos. I'm excited for how "non-perfect" they will be and yet perfectly created by the little ones.


amanda jolley said…
Gorgeous! Do they have an "art gallery" wall?
Can't wait to see the houses.
Rachel said…
I've started a wall near our schooling table! :-)