A Lady and Her Garden

This lady misses her garden
and longs to draw the Spring
back from its sleep -
the birds, the warmth, the green.

To get her hands in the dirt,
to pick the pole beans,
to watch the leaves unfurl, the flowers bloom,
to taste the peppers, lettuce, cukes,
to see small hands grow as the season moves.
This lady truly misses her garden.

She must wait.
The ground will rest
then  wake
when He bids it work again.

Spring arrives March 10, 2010.


Susanna said…
Move South. You will have a garden of flowers and veggies almost year round. It's bitterly cold up here. Makes me so depressed!!
Rachel said…
I meant to mention that we are enjoying fruit from the garden in the form of green beans and green peppers and pesto snuggled in the freezer. Each time I pull them out I'm reminded of the garden. :-)

Sus - I'm not a Southern gal. Even though Dad is from Arkansas, I was born there and we vacationed there often, and it seems I can have Southern tendencies...I just can't see our family in the South. It IS warm though...and family members who now live in Texas LOVE it. :-)