Tree Without a Bottom

We have a wonderful nature center and trails not too far from our home that we like to frequent. I've never been one to take hikes in cold weather...until last March. We were given one final snow and ice storm. I'd had enough. It was March and I wanted a break...a warm break. Feeling oh-so defiant I shook my fist at the weather (you shake your fists sometimes, don't you, Dear Reader?), bundled up my children and headed to this nature center. There is a paved trail close to the center that is less than a mile which means I feel safe walking there with my children and we aren't secluded. The mission: burn energy and smile at the weather instead of shaking a fist at it.

We actually had a great time on the hike. The trail was icy and although my daughter and I seemed to slip and slide the entire "hike" my son was able to glide over the ice and ran the entire time. Energy was burned and I came to embrace the novelty of hiking in cold weather.

We've already been on 2 cold weather hikes this December, sans the snow and ice, and my family has really enjoyed them. We've been on more secluded trails, with my husband (safety!), and made wonderful discoveries:
  • Deer
  • Turkeys
  • Various birds
  • Black Locust tree (3 inch long thorns grow out of this tree...I didn't take a picture, though.)
  • Buck Rubs (where a tree's bark has been rubbed off because a buck has been rubbing his antlers there)
  • Tree Without a Bottom

If you look closely you'll see my daughter pointing to a tree that, well, lost its "bottom." We were walking along and all of a sudden I hear amidst laughter, "this tree doesn't have a bottom." Well, that kind of statement deserves a look and a photo.

Who knows what we'll find next time? I'm anticipating the cold, fresh air, and the enjoyment of being together in the stillness.


Abby said…
Ack! Walking in the cold? Have you lost your mind? LOL. I am freezing IN the house....

Love the tree with no bottom! Funny.
Rachel said…
Bundled up and walking might actually get you warmer than being indoors, Abby! :)