I confessed to a friend the other day that I hardly ever journal anymore. By journal I mean a paper journal and a pen. I've tried journaling on the computer, but it doesn't work for me. Now you might think this blog is a journal, and I guess it is, but it is more of a record with the intent of sharing. My journal is not to be shared. Is yours?! Anyway, I was surprised I made the admission, and then appalled at myself that I don't journal regularly. So here is my resolve: to keep my journal open with a pen nearby. The temptation will be too much for me to resist, I hope. I expect to write more frequently. And what about having my personal journal open for my family to view? My husband, if he chooses to read, will not be shocked at the contents. My daughter can't read my cursive handwriting (sometimes I can't either). My son might happen to use the pen to doodle in the journal, which is fine. He has done this before and I like the decoration.