Mom, how many days until Spring?

My daughter frequently asks me this question. March 20, the first day of Spring, is solidified in my brain so I can do some quick addition and give her an answer. The first day of Spring seems to be a Date of Hope for our family. We've enjoyed the Winter with the frequent snowfalls and outdoor play. However, warm outdoor play and getting our hands in the dirt are more favorable activities than cold weather ones. I didn't realize HOW much my daughter loves Spring until she said this to me last evening:

"Mom, Winter is getting on my last nerve.   >>PAUSE<<  What's a nerve anyway?"

I don't use the "last nerve" phrase, so she picked it up somewhere, and used it quite accurately.

Twenty-one days until Spring, and counting.


Reba said…
Super cute! We'll have to set a time where I can take y'all out to visit the Lee's farm. They just had baby goats this morning (a boy and a girl) and I can't wait to see them!