Spring Arrival

Yesterday my husband and daughter took a little road trip to Amsterdam, Missouri to pick up four new family members. Their names are Gracie, Goldie, Reddie and Cutie Pie. We have added four female chicks to our brood. Gracie and Goldie are Golden Comet chicks, Reddie is a Red Sex Link and Cutie Pie is a Black Sex Link. Reddie has already decided she is the dominant sister with Gracie the happily quiet chick. Cutie Pie is the smallest sister, but knowing she is the runt she tries to strut her stuff with Reddie when able. Goldie has her toe nails painted to distinguish her from Gracie (since they are the same type of chick), and seems to know she has this adornment...we'll call her Miss Hollywood.

Here is my husband holding Roone and Roone holding Goldie.
 My husband holding Ella and Ella holding Reddie.
And Cutie Pie and Gracie in their home.
 These chicks will be fun pets for the children, and in about five months should start producing eggs which will be fun for me in the kitchen. So far the children are smitten and want to hold the chicks all the time, which we don't do because it's not good for them. As I write this Reddie (dominant) is chirping loudly wanting to be held. She does this from time to time. My husband obliges if we think our children, the human ones mind you, will wake from their sweet slumbers.

It is fun we began this adventure the day before Spring. Although I won't acknowledge it with a picture we actually received snow today, and not just a sprinkling because at last check we have seven inches of snow. Here are some crocuses that have bloomed...we'll see what the snow made of them in a few days.
 Happy Spring to you, Dear Reader! It has finally arrived.