Color Me Green + A Joke

Ahhh. Green, the color of life. Although I love the vibrant colors Nature gives us beginning with season of Spring, green is the constant. I can depend on her!
Annabelle Hydrangea
Creeping Jenny
Chives (of which one child likes to eat and give Chive kisses...)
Oakleaf Hydrangea
Snow on the Mountain

The Jokester
My daughter loves nature and loves to tell jokes. She asks questions about nature animals ALL the time. For this Mother-Not-Inclined-To Nature I rely on common sense to answer these questions (which works quite well) or just say we'll ask Daddy later.

At dinner the other night she said, "Mom, how do rabbits fight?" I was hungry and tired and said (probably with a sigh), "Ella, we'll have to look that up later." (I didn't even bother to reference her father who was sitting right next to me.) Ella said, "with carrot swords." Somehow this hungry, tired, sighing Mama found the energy to laugh pretty hard.


Julie Gates said…
Beautiful Green pictures...and great joke...dinner table jokes are the best!
Susanna said…
Wow, things are really blooming in KC! We're lucky if we see our grass slowly turn green this month. Spring is so slow out west.:(