A Request

My husband and I have had the desire for our daughter to take piano lessons. We have the teacher lined up, we just needed a piano. We didn't want to provide the lessons without a means to practice! Finding a piano cold turkey can be a bit tricky. With resources such as craigslist you can do quick searches and find just about anything, but then what if the find turns out to be not so great, and how were we to KNOW if the piano was good or bad? In the back of my mind I kept thinking of the piano issue, but felt quite without resource in the knowledge department. Quite simply, I knew not to pursue this myself!

A few weeks ago the piano desire came to mind again and I simply prayed, "Lord, I do not know how to pursue this. I suppose you will have to provide, and I ask that it be at minimal financial cost."

Last week my husband came home from church and said that an acquaintance had a piano she wanted to pass along, for free!

Today a beautiful, mahogany piano from 1890 sits magnificently in our living room. She is a reminder that all I have to do is simply ask the Provider and leave the request with Him. (Although I acknowledge that the difficulty can be in LEAVING the request with Him.)

As my daughter began playing on the piano she asked, "When can I learn how to play the piano properly?" Soon, Sweetie, soon.


Reba said…
Its lovely - congrats!
amanda jolley said…
God must desire for our children to learn the piano. He provided ours as well.
Yours is quite gorgeous!