A Mother's Words

I came to You so young
drawn by Your Sweet Name.
You filled me up.
You gave me hope.

You led me through my years.
and although confused
by circumstances around me
You always held my hand
and brought me to dear people
who taught me all Your Book said about You.
This book, a sweet love story,
of Your grace, mercy and care for me.

For me.

My eyes shone.
My passions stirred.
My focus sure.

And then You sent me my service
I asked for this gift and You gave.
My confidence, focus and passion wavered
as the work was too hard
the resources too thin
the learning curve too high
my hands too full
my feet too bound
my eyes too dim
my mind too weary.

You kept repeating,
"Lo, I am with you alway,"
and of that I have never doubted.

A new season You've given,
(my precious gift of service unchanging)
and You say,
"Come unto Me...and I will give you rest."

As I have rested
I realize that
what I've been forgetting
is how much
I love You.