Celebrating 11: Chocolate Cake and Peace Like A River

This past weekend found my husband and I with some time all by ourselves to celebrate US. I'll admit, at times I was sad about not having our soundtrack (children!) with us, but the time to just be together was a blessing.

We had a lovely dinner at a cozy restaurant and a celebration for me isn't complete without chocolate cake, Black Forest Cake with cherry filling on this occasion!
We also took a day trip to canoe the Little Niangua River using Cedar Camp as our outfitter. Having never before canoed, I tell you, I fell in love. The Little Niangua is a peaceful river, great for beginners. My husband's desire was that I not paddle at all. I was worried I would get bored just riding down a river. Au Contraire! I welcome being chauffered down a gentle river (the sun shining down on me, birds singing, fish flopping, turtles sunbathing, watching chubby, lazy tadpoles, a territorial blue heron leading our way, searching rocky banks for treasures, picnicking) at any time. Yes, we enjoyed ourselves.

I forgot a utensil for my pasta salad, so Jesse made me a fork. I used it, it worked great, and because at times I'm such a minimalist I didn't keep it as a memento and currently have a hint of regret about that decision.

Finding an arrowhead.
Pretty view and me not paddling, as instructed.
Happy River Rats!
I'm already mentally planning a trip for next year to take our children with us.


Julie Gates said…
Sounds lovely! Congrats on 11 years!
Susanna said…
Congratulations on 11 years! I had to chuckle at your natural fork.:) What a wilderness man you have! I want to try Avenue Bistro sometime when I'm in town!