It's Invigorating

I must highlight a recent visit we had with Jesse's grandparents. I first met Grandpa Roy and Grandma Jane when Jesse and I were dating many moons (hmmmm...years!) ago. They lived in a home on Pomme de Terre lake and upon entering the home we were welcomed by the smell of Grandma's fresh baked bread. Soon after we were ushered outside for Grandpa to give Jesse the lowdown on the garden. Baked bread and a lush garden - if only I could see the writing on the wall for my own future!

It is because of these sweet people that Jesse loves gardening. Summer vacations for my husband were spent at the Hooten's homes - always in the country. We have a few pictures of their many gardens, but I like it best when Jesse and his family simply recount from memory what they experienced. I think of their gardens as family lore.

These people have been so generous with garden hand-me-downs, most importantly (to me), seeds! I think this practice is a meaningful way to share the beauty of your garden with others. I look forward to doing it myself.

For our visit Grandma, unable to walk well, enjoyed sitting on a bench and soaking up the sun and activity. Grandpa scaled the yard and got the scoop on it all from Jesse. As I walked through the garden with Grandpa he described our garden as never described before and I know I'll never forget it. He said, "It's invigorating."

Ella showing Grandpa Roy our chickens. He was more interested in the contraption ( our coop ) than the hens, I think!
 Jesse and Ella with Grandma Jane.


あじ said…
Seeds, glorious seeds. I never much thought of them until we started our own garden. There's something invigorating, yes, even human, about working the soil.
Julie Gates said…
What a sweet story. I could see you putting a sign or a stone or something that say invigorating in your garden. That's a golen nugget! I love the elderly!
Rachel said…
Nathan - We need to come see your garden (and home...and Jenilee)!

Julie - That's a good idea about making a sign...hmmmm...I'm going to remember that!