Of gourds, sage, a baby sparrow and a lightning bug

Last year we grew gourds. We dried them through the Fall and Winter and just now had time to decorate thanks to a rainy morning. Our family spent one Saturday morning in the garage watching the storm and gourding.

The Line Up - 1 Goose Neck Gourd and 3 Apple Gourds

 Goose Neck Gourd Birdhouse
 Apple Gourd Birdhouse

Yet another rainy evening provided time for my people to play a Dora Memory Game while I fiddled with herbs. We've had Sage for as long as we've lived in this home, thanks to the previous owners. However, I am just now finding time to do anything with it...seven years later. I decided to make a simple sage pesto to freeze and then use as I have opportunity.

Fresh Sage
Washed Sage
 Cut Sage
Sage with Olive Oil
Sage Pesto bagged and ready to freeze

I hear this urgent request many times a day, and knew at at this particular time by the pitch of the "Mom" that there was no personal injury to a child, there was just something that needed to be shared, but it was an urgent need to share.

A baby sparrow was discovered in our phlox patch first by our big ole Lab, Arwen, and quickly after by my daughter. Arwen, being the precious, mothering dog she is (a bird dog mind you), and only wanting to be helpful, picked up the little thing in her mouth. My daughter teared up thinking the sparrow was Arwen's next meal. Since my husband was outside he was able to rescue the baby,from those strong Lab jaws and the "Mom!" was a call for me to see the precious creature.
Tears were dried, Dad hailed as a good bird rescuer and the baby put back in her nest.

We give a lot of love to Lightning Bugs around here. See the squeeze on that little bug and the smile on my son's face? Lots of love...


amanda jolley said…
Mmmmm. I smell the sage.