A Beach and A Birthday

My husband took another week off work recently, but how disappointing that most of our days were rainy and it felt like a sauna outside. Finally, near the end of his time, we had a couple of sunny days allowing us to hit a nearby beach and also celebrate our son's birthday outside.

The beach I refer to is at Watkin's Mill State Park. They have sectioned off part of the lake exclusively for swimmers. What is wonderful for young children is that half of the distance you are allowed to swim in is shallow enough for their heads to be out of water. Our children aren't swimmers yet, so this allowed them to really enjoy the water without needing us hover over them (for safety reasons!) like we do in a pool. We had a hot day, sun shining and the water was COLD. This was our first adventure to this beach and we were captivated by everything, especially the great outdoors' view (oh, and the beach is FREE). A fantastic gift for our family after all the rainy days. I'm ready to go back...

And here is the face of 4. Where has the time gone? 
Well, I know where it's gone - 
meeting the challenge of keeping up with this 
energetic, entertaining, wonder of a man child!
He is dear to our family.