Early Birds

Happy me! I have many Summer favorites: eating watermelon, catching lightning bugs, the bright sun and my skin absorbing its warmth (me need Vitamin D...!), outdoor activities everyday, blooming flowers, the smell of cut grass, lying lazily in the hammock swing, and the list goes on. One activity high on the list is walking through our garden. It's not the biggest or the best garden, but to us it is beauty planted with our own hands. This is our first year to plant zucchini and summer squash, and last evening I picked 2 early birds that just couldn't wait for the rest of the girls to grow. There is quite a contingent growing that will be ready to pick in a week or two. These sweet things will be sauteed to go with dinner this evening. I'm ready for fresh veggies straight from the Bowman Gardens.

(You'll notice, if you look closely, in the picture that the tip of the summer squash is separated. I got excited and didn't pull it close enough to the vine!)