Ernie Miller Nature Center

Our family recently trekked to Olathe, Kansas to check out the Ernie Miller Nature Center. The indoor center seemed mostly equipped to accommodate school groups having many classrooms. Just outside the center were quite a few owls who we enjoyed viewing. Quickly, however, we grabbed our map and decided to check out the trails on a hot, sultry day. We chose the trail by the creek, and I'm glad we did. Otherwise, we wouldn't have had...
Muddy hands,
posed pictures in the middle of the creek,

crawdad holding,
flower pickin' for Mama,
mole tunnel sightings,
map checking,
and umbrella bonding.
The trail we chose was short and sweet at just around one mile, perfect for something simple on a steamy, Summer day when trailing can be a bit laborious. However, we had the creek to keep us cool, well, at least for those who chose to really get down in it!