Horsin' Around

My aunt sent me some pictures this week of a friend's miniature horse born recently. My aunt knows how much my children adore animals and thought they'd enjoy seeing them. Well, since I new this family friend lived in the vicinity I was forward enough to ask if we could see the horse ourselves.

This was our Saturday morning adventure.

Roone, Ella, Miss Leora (who allowed us to invade her birthday to view her pets!), 
and Sunny Day, a miniature horse, one month old
Getting to know one another. 
Sunny Day loves to be scratched on her back , 
and follows you wherever you go!

Cosmo, the daddy.
Babe, the Mama.
Misty, another horse Leora owns.

Seeing these animals in a rural oasis of the big city was a sweet way to begin the weekend.