Tree Time and A Recipe

Last week we realized that although we (my husband) trimmed a few tree branches last year our garden was in danger of not receiving enough sun. Our plants have been growing well and are producing, but it became clear that wouldn't be the case for the entire Summer without more tree trimming. So Jesse dived in, or rather climbed up, and began trimming a tree. Once he started he couldn't stop. It was like an addiction. Of course, I wasn't thinking I should get out my camera for a few shots until the end of the project.

"Finally, the last branch."

"I'm Done!"

Branches now decorate our yard, but the garden has more sun!
The kids think this work was done just for them to have new things to play on in the yard...!

Although I don't have my own garden cucumbers yet, I did pick one up at the store and decided to try my hand at a Bread and Butter Pickle recipe just to see if my family likes it before I attempt it with all my scrumptious home-grown cucumbers.
Cucumbers, Onion and Kosher Salt topped with Ice for 2 hours.
Chilled and Ready.
Soaking up the goodness.
Ta Da!
These pickles were found to be more than favorable by the taste testers! It is a nice recipe because you don't have to officially "can" the pickles, they simply stay good for up to 3 weeks in your refrigerator. This works great for me because I'm not into canning my veggies at this time.