1 a.m.

More than one quiet moment is mine today since it is just me and my daughter lounging about in the home. My son is spending a day at Grandma's house and my husband is out doing errands. This is a rare Saturday as we spend most of our time together as a family. Just a few hours into these quiet moments and I realize what tornadoes my men are - and I mean that in a loving way. Are all men like this? I don't know. But a few hours more and I will want the tornadoes to make their ways back into our home, and how lovely to know they will. (My daughter is not a tornado. As I type...she types on another computer...not a blog...games, you see. Her need for quiet is the same as mine.)

In one of these moments I will take the time to share with you a little adventure from last weekend. Last year friends introduced me to a local-ish (an hour's drive..) blackberry patch, Cy and Dee's in Louisburg, Kansas. The drive to the country and the berry patch were just as welcoming as last year, and it was my pleasure to share the experience with my sister, Aunt Reba to my children.

We picked.

HE ate!

We made friends with a sweet Golden Retriever, Jenny.
I was exhausted and fell asleep at 9 p.m., which I consider early as I usually crash at 10 p.m, or if captivated by a book, 11 p.m.. I considered that if I woke at 7 a.m. I would receive 10 hours of wondrous, blissful sleep. Oh, don't count your chickens! 1 a.m. came and with it my eyes wide open. -Sigh- My mind would not turn off as thoughts of organizing our 2010-2011 Schooling Calendar came to mind, and with a house so, so quiet (my Tornadoes were sleeping, you see) I crept downstairs to work. Much organizing took place and I felt my time well spent. I even played a little bit and found a new blog to enjoy.

5 a.m. sidled along (Did I really spend 4 hours on the computer? I guess so.) and thoughts of blackberry bread came to mind. (Look at the time...)

I love baking in the early morning. I don't set the alarm clock to do so, but if I am awake, there I go!

Coffee, of course. It's been early for a while.
The bread. (I used half wheat, half white flour and whole milk instead of yogurt.)
Yes, two muffins are gone. I needed something to go with my wake-up drink.
Something different for Sunday breakfast was a treat for my family.

(Somehow, someway, my son took many naps this week, and I did too, which is not the norm (if he sleeps I scurry around doing housework. I acknowledge Providence as providing that Grace!)