Apples, Apples Up On Top

Weston Red Barn Farm is so fun for our family.
We usually escape to the country in the Fall 
for a crisp walk and gathering pumpkins
at this wonderful location.

This year I uncovered the fact that apple picking
is late August through early September.
Well, this is late August and a free Saturday morning...
by jing, there we were.



Posing with sisterly affection...

Squeezing in a family moment before
they leave me to view the farm animals...
(are BOTH those kiddos eating now?!)

and recording all the picking.
Check out the biggest baskets.
We were able to gather apples from the ground
and receive them half off.
Applesauce, apple crisp, apple butter,
apple french toast, apple ANYTHING, anyone?

(And yes, this is the official "I-found-the-fading-button-when-I-cropped-my-pictures" post!)