Figuring It Out and Moving Along

The "it" I'm referring to trying to figure out is a change that has occurred in our home this Summer. (Have I mentioned I think it's important to capitalize the seasons? I just don't know why that isn't grammatically correct.)

Happily, my husband began working from home full-time in June. He has had this option for about a year since he began a new position at work, although at that time we did not have peace about him being home. For one thing, our little boy would have been crying and knocking at the office door the entire day wanting to play with daddy. For another thing, we were in the middle of home remodeling and beginning to home school and didn't need one more transition to add to the mix. Well, now my son is older, the home remodeling is complete, our first home school year is over, and although we weren't consciously waiting for all of those things to happen as Spring turned to Summer the time was right for us to make this transition.

However, this meant we had to figure out where to put my husband's office because we didn't technically have a space for him - you know a private space where he can close and lock the door to be ALONE. The kitchen table just wouldn't do. We have space in the basement to create an office, but we both knew a project like that was not for us this Summer. We have a three bedroom home for four people. We like that we have a simple, three bedroom home for four people. What we chose to do is combine the kids into the largest bedroom, give us the middle size bedroom and make the office out of the smallest bedroom. Perfect.

In some weird way I am jealous of myself (is that possible?) that I thought of combining the kids now and not earlier. My son never liked to play in his room. Never. He loves to be under my feet. Always. This new room, though, is his haven. He loves it. I think he loves that he has someone to socialize with, although my daughter is now adjusting to all the socialization. Combining the kids into one room reminds me of the nursery in Peter Pan.

One of my titles is Home Maker...making a home. I was glad that our home was finally settled, meaning no painting was on the horizon, the kids rooms were decorated, clean, organized. Then we shifted! I was bound and determined not to do a lot of extra work to go along with the change because the shift mentally to having my husband at home, although it is exactly what we need, and figuring out a new family schedule is enough. So, I kept the neutral color that was in our large room. I was able to combine bins, bulletins boards, the kids art work and picture frames and it is all complementary. (No, I won't show you pictures of it all!) Decorations, however have been tricky. I decided not to use the decorations from their previous rooms because they just don't mesh (one was a pastel garden theme and the other a primary color fishing them). In the spirit of not wanting to buy anything I decided to take a leap and just paint a picture over each of their that radiates girl and one that radiates boy. I have completed the girlie painting and am still contemplating what to do for our son (suggestions so far are a great white shark - which is too scary, of course - and Thomas the Tank Engine, which I'm more inclined to attempt).

So, what do you think of this flower?

I'm proud of it because I don't consider myself artsy, but as I do take seriously being a Home Maker and frugal I'll try anything, for my home and family, even if it's out of my comfort zone. This was out of my comfort zone, but I enjoyed doing it.

I was also ready to have our bedroom settled. We were residing in Ella's pink walled, pink trimmed room (Does that remind you of Shelby's wedding in Steel Magnolias? Blush and Bashful, two shades of pink, were wedding colors. Yikes!). The pink was so her...not so us. We chose Cedar Chest for our color, and since I've never used red-toned paint in my home this was new for me, and I love it. Here is a glimpse (the metal tree we found years ago at a craft store for around $20 and I think we'll always have it):

The office isn't painted yet, and since it's occupant doesn't care (and this Home Maker doesn't either) we won't be proceeding with that soon, but simply enjoy the other settledness (I like making up words) of our home.

Just to show you a couple of other things we are enjoying:
It has taken forever for our tomatoes to begin turning. I've never made fried green tomatoes, but was thinking that would be my only option for 2010. Our 100 degree temperatures have brought these babies over to the red - and they are scrumptious.
I love Annabelle Hydrangeas (who doesn't?) fresh and dried. The green of this dried bouquet just speaks to me.

So, now I'm moving along. The house is now settled (Praises!) once again, we are enjoying Summer as it winds down and I'm preparing for our next schooling year. Sooner than later there will be something else to figure out, won't there?!


Julie Gates said…
I love the flower...great job!
Rachel said…
Julie - I truly considered hiring you for this job, and if we were a two income family I just might have...!